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Real Estate

It is widely accepted and believed that one of the quickest ways to build wealth in the US is through Real Estate. For most individuals, purchasing a home is one of the most intimidating and overwhelming experiences she or he will encounter during adulthood. One of the reasons why the home purchasing process is so intimidating is because of a Latin Phrase of “Caveat Emptor” which roughly translates to “Let the buyer beware” and is yet applied to the sale of Real Estate throughout the country, and especially so in the State of Illinois. Because of the substantial burden which is placed upon prospective purchasers, most home buyers (and sellers of property) often choose to retain counsel to protect their respective interests.

Having an experienced Real Estate Attorney during the purchasing or selling process can be the difference between taking on a property which can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary property tax or maintenance expense versus one which completely meets the needs of you and your loved ones. A quality Real Estate/Closing Attorney will help you fully understand several of the following things:

  • What your Plat of Survey is, and why it’s so important
  • How you actually receive your DEED at the closing table, and NOT when you finish paying off your home
  • What to expect in terms of Property Tax proration and Property Tax liability after you become the owner
  • How to protect your home from potential Property Fraud
  • How to apply for your applicable Property Tax Exemptions
  • What impact purchasing a property “As-Is” has
  • Expenses to expect when purchasing a home
  • And much, much more

Purchasing a home creates a whirlwind of emotions, anxieties and stresses, many of which are unavoidable. Despite that reality, having a quality team of professionals to work with, including but not limited to your Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Home Inspector & Real Estate Attorney can make the world of difference in how enjoyable and smooth your home purchasing experience can end up. If you, and/or anyone you know, is interested in retaining a Real Estate Attorney to assist with the selling and/or purchasing of property throughout Cook County, Illinois, please do not hesitate to reach out to our offices at your earliest convenience.


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