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Property Tax Appeals

For most Cook County property owners, the largest part of our monthly mortgage is our ESCROW, and the largest contributor to that amount is our ANNUAL PROPERTY TAX LIABILITY. The Southern Suburbs of Chicago have some of the HIGHEST PROPERTY TAX RATES in ALL OF THE UNITED STATES, and it dramatically impacts most property owners’ monthly budget. However, most were unaware that such liability can be drastically reduced by filing an ANNUAL APPEAL, TWICE A YEAR with the Cook County Assessor’s Office and then again to the Cook County Board of Review’s Office.

While such appeals are FREE TO BE FILED on one’s own, hiring a LAW FIRM to file a PROFESSIONAL & PERSUASIVE APPEAL can result in an even larger and greater savings over what one might have obtained on her or his own. The reason for such disparity is in the “persuasiveness” of the argument of why a property owner’s “Assessed Value” should be reduced, and what documentation is provided to support such a request. Much like with anything, professionals are “highly-trained” and “experienced” in a particular subject-matter area which enables them to achieve a higher amount and likelihood of success.

The Law Offices of Mario A. Reed is available to prepare such professional appeals for a ONE-TIME FLAT-FEE which is NOT BASED ON THE PERCENTAGE OF SAVINGS you receive, but instead, on the amount of work which goes into each and every appeal. Unlike other firms which are willing to prepare such an appeal on a CONTINGENCY basis which is directly related to the amount of savings you receive, our firm doesn’t believe in that due to the fact that JUST BECAUSE YOU RECEIVED A GREATER AMOUNT OF SAVINGS DOESN’T change the amount of work or labor which was utilized to formulate such an appeal. Because of this reality, our firm believes in charging a FLAT-FEE which reflects the amount of work, resources and finished product which is produced for EVERY Residential Property Tax Appeal client who chooses us.

The FLAT-FEE AMOUNT FOR ALL COOK COUNTY RESIDENTIAL APPEALS IS $300.00. However, we also understand that not everyone can afford the $300.00 amount right up front, so for those interested in choosing us but unable to pay up front (or unwilling to do so without the guarantee of a successful appeal) we offer a payment program of $150.00 to get started with a remaining balance of $300.00 due at the time of a successful appeal result from either (or both) the Cook County Assessor and/or Cook County Board of Review.

For more details and/or questions regarding our Residential Property Tax Appeals, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


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