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Estate Planning

Every property owner in the State of Illinois should have a BENEFICIARY included on her or his property. Additionally, every adult should have a completed power of attorney to ensure that if ANYTHING should happen to her or him that impacts the ability to make decisions for her or himself, someone has already been designated and appointed to serve as the Power of Attorney. Most people believe that Estate Planning is something for the elderly, or those who are very wealthy, however, it is even MORE IMPORTANT and essential for those who are NOT ELDERLY and those with fewer assets. The reason why is two-fold; 1) while the elderly are at greater risk and likelihood of dying, it is typically the younger surviving heirs (children, spouse, grand-children) who find themselves having to sort out the affairs of the deceased person’s estate, so while the elderly person is at a greater risk of passing, that individual will not have ANYTHING TO DO with how the assets are dispersed, which decreases the true need to plan ahead—as she or he won’t actually benefit from many of the resources. 2) although many individuals may not own a substantial amount of wealth and assets, most people own assets such as a house, car or bank account—all of which can be designated to transition DIRECTLY TO YOUR LOVED ONE upon your passing. Such beneficiary tools are a KEY PART of our practice, which enables us to provide FLAT-FEE BILLING for in-home Estate Planning.

Such planning options include the following:
For our FULL ESTATE PLAN PACKAGE which includes the following:

  • Direct beneficiary tool for home
  • Direct beneficiary tool for car
  • Last will & testament for all other items and designation of executor, etc.
  • Power of attorney
  • Road map of important things to remember for surviving heirs

The cost is a flat-fee amount of $750.00, with $375 due up front after the initial in-home visit which consists of the information and full estate analysis session, with the remaining $375 being due once all of the documents are filed and recorded.

This package also includes the PRINTING, NOTARIZATION, PRODUCTION OF ONE WITNESS, FILING, RECORDING, TRANSPORTING, BINDING & ALL FEES AND COSTS associated with the proper preservation of these key documents (see samples included).

For some clients, the primary need and concern is her or his home, and most people are unaware that a BENEFICIARY AND/OR BENEFICIARIES can be added to one’s home, similarly to a Bank Account or Life Insurance Policy. This is something which is not only imperative to do, but extremely convenient for the loved one who is named as the beneficiary and/or beneficiaries. Our firm offers this limited Estate Planning Service in a separate ala carte format as well for the following:

For our ADD A BENEFICIARY PACKAGE which includes the following:

  • Preparation & printing of direct beneficiary tool
  • In-home delivery of property direct beneficiary tool
  • Notarization & production of one witness for beneficiary tool
  • Transport and filing of property direct beneficiary tool
  • Delivery & framing of direct beneficiary tool for home

The cost for this package is a FLAT-FEE amount of $400.00 which covers the $98 Recording Fee required by the Recorder of Deeds Office. For more details and questions regarding this package, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


In addition to the aforementioned ESTATE PLANNING OPTIONS, our firm also offers TRUSTS (Living, Land, Special Needs, Pour-Over, etc.) & MORE. Please feel free to contact us for details regarding these packages and the opportunity to meet to discuss more.


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