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Losing a loved one can be extremely challenging emotionally, financially and in some respects, physically. However, sorting through a deceased individual’s estate can be even MORE CHALLENGING when that individual didn’t create an effective and/or thorough Estate Plan. One of the primary assets which most individuals struggle to sort through upon the passing of an individual is her or his HOME, which often times wasn’t properly accounted for via an effective Estate Plan. The Law Offices of Mario A. Reed specializes in what is known as an Expedited Probate process which enables the surviving heirs of a decedent to quickly navigate the Probate process and obtain a DEED which reflects the names and ownership interest of all of the surviving heirs (or, those who want to claim that ownership interest).

This process can often be completed in FEWER than 45 days, and typically only involves a SINGLE COURT APPEARANCE before a Probate Judge at the Daley Center in Downtown Chicago, Illinois. This process is available to heirs who all agree about whose name should appear on the deed of their deceased loved one, and simply want to ensure that they have taken proper ownership of their loved one’s home/property.

What is best of all about this Expedited Probate process is that it is a SINGLE FLAT-FEE which will NOT fluctuate or increase in cost after initiating it because it does NOT INCLUDE the expensive and time-consuming hurdles or obstacles that a Traditional Full Probate Estate includes. If you, or anyone you know is presently living in the home of a loved one, but haven’t transferred that home into the name of the surviving heirs because you’re afraid of the expense and/or time which will be involved, you may be an ideal candidate for the EXPEDITED PROBATE process available via the Law Offices of Mario A. Reed. Please give us a call if you’re interested in discussing your situation more and want to take advantage of this less than 45-day process which can result in your name(s) being included on the DEED of your deceased loved one’s home in as efficient and effective manner as possible.


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